How to Get Younger

Free Happy Young WomenEverybody in the world would like to be young and stay young.

But what does it mean to be young? Does it only mean having nice skin or a nice body? What about feeling young? Or young behavior? A young lifestyle?

What is the difference between small kids, teenagers, middle aged people and old people? Small children are the most natural, simple and flexible. They’re fresher and healthier than old people, but they don’t know very much.

Teenagers know more and they’re more creative than small children, but they’re also more difficult to deal with.
As people get older they gradually get more and more experience. They become more creative and productive, but they also become more and more fixed in their ideas and lifestyle. As they get much older they become less creative, and they become more tired and sick.

So young is softer, more flexible, fresh, healthy, positive and simple. Old is harder, more experienced, complicated. When you’re old you can’t move so fast. You’re inflexible; you’re less creative; you’re not so interested in new things. You’re more satisfied with your own experience; and you’re easily dissatisfied with everything else. You can’t develop any more.
With young people, the key is development; they’re always looking for new things, and new creative ideas. They’re interested in anything new.

We need to know what behavior makes us younger and what makes us older. Stress makes you older; it makes you nervous and puts you under lots of pressure; stress destroys any possibility of getting a long, healthy and young life. Also worry, anger, crying and any kind of negative emotions make you older.

Being happy, satisfied, peaceful, relaxed and enjoying make you younger. These are the positions that will bring us a longer life.

Everyone would like to be healthy; everyone would like to stay young; but if you worry, you can’t be happy. And if you’re unhappy you can’t be healthy. So we need to learn how to change our behavior, if we want to get younger.

The reason why humans get old and sick is because we have so much behavior that makes us old. It’s in our genes. It’s in our culture. It’s what we learn from our parents and teachers. We all get nervous, stressed and worried. We all concentrate too much, focus too much and think too much. That’s why we all get sick in the end; and it’s why we all suffer in old age.
When we learn how to receive life energy, we’re happy and satisfied, we have quality life. If we have more quality life energy, we’re automatically younger.

Beauty isn’t only about looking beautiful and your wrinkles disappearing; when you have beautiful soft skin, your internal organs, your body and your soul are filled with fresh energy, which replaces the old energy. The energy gives you vitality. Your skin glows; you feel alive and young; you’re full of energy; you’re full of life.

When you don’t have enough energy, you’re under pressure, so you feel more nervous and stressed. When you’re full of energy, you’re full of creative ideas, you don’t feel any pressure or stress.

If we want to change our lives and get younger, we need to learn how to receive quality life energy, we need to have life knowledge.


The Benefits of Eating a Balanced Diet

Food-Pyramid Eating a Balanced DietQi is all around us; it is in everything we see, it is in us, and it is in the food that we eat. Eating unhealthy food is surely no way to ensure that our energy will be positive. It is easy to grab something unhealthy on our way to work or sit in front of the television while eating dinner. However, bed eating habits encourage sickness in our bodies. It is not just about the food we eat, it is also about how we eat it.

For good reason, organic food is extremely popular nowadays. Foods that use chemicals to grow faster introduce many of those chemicals into our internal systems, slowly affecting the function of our organs.

Organic and locally grown food is food from the earth, grown as it naturally does. Varied fruits and vegetables give us the vitamins and minerals that we need; it is important to eat an assorted diet of these foods because some are richer in certain nutrients than others. The natural value of these foods are absorbed and utilized by our body. You really feel the difference when you get all the sustenance your body craves. Finally, eating is essential to living; without food we would die.

For something that is so significant in our lives, focusing on it is also important. Instead of eating while working or eating in front of the screen of a gadget, meals should be the primary activity. Multitasking while eating disturbs the process; sitting down to a meal and giving it our full attention is important to grasping the full benefit of healthy eating.


Who Am I?

Who Am I QuestionHave you ever asked yourself: “Who Am I?”

We all label ourselves in many ways. We might say:

I am a woman, a man; a wife, a husband; a student, a teacher; a lover, a friend; a live human-being, a corpse.

But are these descriptions of who we really are?

If I’m just a corpse, I can’t be any of these, because a corpse is without energy. A woman, a man, a wife, a husband, a student, a teacher, a lover, and a friend all have life energy.

Often when we’d like to achieve something, we’re not sure if it’s possible. We can’t find a way to solve our problems or fulfill our wishes because we haven’t discovered the root of who we are.

First let’s examine the difference between a dead person and someone who’s alive. A living person can move, eat, talk and breathe. A dead person cannot do anything. Energy makes a person alive; the dead lack energy.

This can be seen when you compare two living people, also. One person may have many creative ideas, while the other person has none. Someone is sick and someone else is healthy. Why is there this difference between people? The answer is simply a question of energy. Someone is successful, creative or healthy because they have quality energy. When we don’t have quality energy, problems arise in our lives. Receiving new, fresh energy is the key to becoming what we want and having a good quality of life. Like a tree, if we have a problem, we need to give the root sustenance. In our case, this nourishment is life energy. When we have quality energy, we have a quality life.

By learning how to receive positive life energy, we will find the way to achieve our life goals and solve our problems. When we know the answer to “who am I?” then we know why we’re sick, why we’re not successful, why we can’t find creative ideas. If we know how to do something, it’s easy to achieve success. Thus we must practice how to receive fresh energy regularly. Only then can we know the answer to, “Who am I?”

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What is Happiness?

Happy Turtle Swimming

Happy Turtle

Are there conditions to being happy? What does it mean to be happy? Where is the source of happiness?

Many people say: if I had money, I would be happy; if I had love, I would be happy; if I had good health, I would be happy; if I had someone to take care of me, I would be happy, if I had a good government, I would be happy, etc. At the same time, many people have plenty of money, but no happiness; many people have a very good family, but are not happy; many people have a good job, but cannot find happiness.

In society, people think happiness must have conditions. However, happiness has none. Believing that happiness comes from specific circumstances will never lead you to happiness. Humans are never satisfied: Today someone wants $5 million and gets it, tomorrow they will want $5 billion; today you get a computer, tomorrow you will want a robot. People try hard to make as much money as fast as they can. As a result, most people do not enjoy their lives at all. Instead they are thinking and worrying about money. More and more people are growing tired, destroying their relationships and getting sick because of this endless pursuit for money.

People are now coming to understand that when you are happy, you find good health, love, money, and a good quality of life. First you must be happy, then your life will be different. Happy people, people who are rich on the inside, will automatically get what they need from life. Happiness comes with an openness to receive fresh life energy. With a lot of positive energy and feelings, you can begin to enjoy everything.

Happiness is like training for sports: you need to practice and learn, because our genes don’t contain happiness. It must become a life habit. Happy messages must be installed into our souls, so that we may be fully happy. Happiness must be learned; it is an essential part of life’s knowledge.

When we have energy balance and inner peace, happiness becomes a state of being. It is difficult to fake true happiness. We have to change our inner position and open ourselves to receive quality life energy. Only then we can be satisfied and happy.

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