Who Am I?

Who Am I QuestionHave you ever asked yourself: “Who Am I?”

We all label ourselves in many ways. We might say:

I am a woman, a man; a wife, a husband; a student, a teacher; a lover, a friend; a live human-being, a corpse.

But are these descriptions of who we really are?

If I’m just a corpse, I can’t be any of these, because a corpse is without energy. A woman, a man, a wife, a husband, a student, a teacher, a lover, and a friend all have life energy.

Often when we’d like to achieve something, we’re not sure if it’s possible. We can’t find a way to solve our problems or fulfill our wishes because we haven’t discovered the root of who we are.

First let’s examine the difference between a dead person and someone who’s alive. A living person can move, eat, talk and breathe. A dead person cannot do anything. Energy makes a person alive; the dead lack energy.

This can be seen when you compare two living people, also. One person may have many creative ideas, while the other person has none. Someone is sick and someone else is healthy. Why is there this difference between people? The answer is simply a question of energy. Someone is successful, creative or healthy because they have quality energy. When we don’t have quality energy, problems arise in our lives. Receiving new, fresh energy is the key to becoming what we want and having a good quality of life. Like a tree, if we have a problem, we need to give the root sustenance. In our case, this nourishment is life energy. When we have quality energy, we have a quality life.

By learning how to receive positive life energy, we will find the way to achieve our life goals and solve our problems. When we know the answer to “who am I?” then we know why we’re sick, why we’re not successful, why we can’t find creative ideas. If we know how to do something, it’s easy to achieve success. Thus we must practice how to receive fresh energy regularly. Only then can we know the answer to, “Who am I?”

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  • ljubica December 27, 2013, 11:06 pm

    this is the base of human knowlig,to know who we are,
    learning and practising this knowlig we don’t need to have any of life problem,
    life will be enjoyment


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