Historical Timeline 1998 – 2006 – New Zealand1998 – Present Te Anau, New Zealand

After more than 15 years of providing healing treatments, Master Aiping Wang Fulepp’s interests turned to the development of preventative healthcare methods.

Settling in New Zealand, Master Wang Fulepp established the Academy of Potential Education.  The Academy provided education in the area of preventative healthcare, as well as methods to achieve a high standard of life quality: life-long health, happiness, peace and longevity.

Students learned how balance their own energy and manage their own health and life quality.  They also learned teaching methods of Master Wang Fulepp’s unique Shen Qi practice.

Hundreds graduated with a university-degree level qualification and many went on to establish businesses and non-profit organizations that utilize the practice of Shen Qi, including businesses in the spa, corporate wellness and tourism industries.