Historical Timeline 2006 – Present – Europe, USA, China and New Zealand

Since 2006, Master Aiping Wang Fulepp has continued to provide valuable consultancy to the Academy of Potential Education graduates who opened wellness companies in Europe, the United States and Asia.  She provides assistance with product innovation, teacher training and quality standards.

She has also developed an education and treatment program for children, which encourages energy balance from a young age.  The aim is to not only encourage strong physical health, but also the development of character and personality traits that are essential to success, including: determination, confidence, perseverance, patience, persistence, etc.

At present, Master Wang Fulepp’s main interest has shifted to innovations in the areas of anti-aging and longevity.  Through her many years of using energy balance to aid in healing of the body’s systems, her main area of research is the possibility of using energy balance to actually regenerate these systems.

Ultimately, she is interested in discovering a natural method to slow down or even reverse the aging process.