Aiping Wang Fulepp

After spending a long career as a teacher, Aiping Wang Fulepp is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. As a teacher she helped to create educational programs that would spark creativity in her young students. She was truly a gifted teacher and her talent for sharing knowledge shone through during her time working with her students. Whether working on an individual basis or with a large group, she made sure that each studnet had the opportunity to learn at their own pace and without the pressure that’s normally associated with learning environments.

Her retirement is being spent in the most peaceful manner possible. When the weather is good, Aiping Wang Fulepp spends a lot of time in her yard. Over the years, she has built up an impressive variety of plants, fruit, vegetables, and even a herb garden. Thankfully, her yard is quite spacious, and she has plenty of room for the plants that she grows. She is well-liked by her neighbors as she provides them with fresh seasonal produce all year round and is always there for them when they need her sagely advice. Aiping Wang Fulepp is an advocate of natural medicine and uses the plants she grows in her homemade remedies.