Current Projects

Aiping Wang Fulepp is a retired teacher who is making the most out of her well-deserved retirement. She tries to organize time to continue her own education at least twice a week so that she is never short of things to learn.  Living nearby her large family means she’s presented with ample opportunities to also share her knowledge and wisdom to the younger members of her family. She is thinking about starting a gardening club for other seniors in her area, so that she can meet more people who share the same passion in life.

As an advocate for herbal remedies, Aiping Wang Fulepp has spent many years learning about what makes the perfect herbal medicine. She regularly formulates her own remedies that she provides to her friends and family members when they’re feeling under the weather. With an ample garden that’s packed to the brim with fruit, vegetables and herbs, she has everything she needs to live the healthiest possible life and she does so with great ease. Her neighbors look forward to her harvesting her crops as they’re often the first people that she visits to share the fruits of her labor.