Aiping Wang Fulepp – What’s Next

Aiping Wang Fulepp enjoyed a long career in the education sector. As a teacher of natural health, she loved to introduce younger generations to some of her favorite stories and nuggets of wisdom. Now that she has retired, she spends as much time as possible continuing her own education. There are really no limits when it comes to what she likes to learn and educate herself about, and recently she has been learning more about herbal medicine. This has been an area of interest for her for many years and now that she has a lot more spare time on her hands she is making the most of it by studying homeopathic cures.

She has learned how to make an impressive range of natural remedies for minor ailments and is always ready to lend her support to her friends and family when they need it the most. It’s taken her many years to develop her understanding of what makes an effective natural remedy and to help ensure she always has the right supplies, she has a garden full of wonderful plants that form the basis of her repertoire of natural remedies. She’s always looking for new additions to her beautiful garden.